216 Artic Tickle Stories

Language and Articulation "Libs" for 16 Sounds

ISBN13 : 978-1586501990

Author(s) : Susan Rose Simms

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

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Create funny stories with S, R, L, CH, SH, TH, K, G, P, B, D, Y, F, M, N, T, Z and S/R/L Blends!

Capture the excitement in your classroom or at home as your students complete their own hilarious language and articulation stories.

216 Artic Tickle Stories has a collection of 216 stories and includes:

  • Twelve stories per sound (three each for initial, medial, and final positions of S, R, L, CH, SH, TH, K, G, P, B, D, V, F, M, N, T, and Z).
  • Four stories each for S/R/L Blends in initial position.
  • Customised word-picture lists for young students working on their early sounds
  • Noun/verb/adjective word lists for higher level sounds
  • Each list and story is on one reproducible page so it is easy to copy and simple to send home
Susan Rose Simms