5 Things You Need to Know About Social Skills Coaching

ISBN13 : 9781941765425

Author(s) : Roya Ostovar and Kritsa DiVittore

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2017

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Improve Your Quality of Life with Social Skills Coaching.

Social language is much like any other language, and social language skills are like any other skills; they can be learned and improved with practice. If we think about the skills required for any sport, we know right away that the role of the coach is critical. The same is true for social language, the difference is that being coached on our social skills is new to us. This quick guide covers what social coaching is and how social skills coaching can be beneficial for anyone and lead them to a more fulfilling life.

Some of the social skills addressed in this book are interpersonal skills, non-verbal communication, self awareness, creating positive and meaningful interactions with others, and more.

Roya Ostovar and Kritsa DiVittore