Academic Achievement Battery (AAB)

Author(s) : Melissa A. Messer

Publisher : PAR, 2015


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Purpose: Assess areas of achievement throughout the life span
Age: 4 to 85 years
Time: Screening Form: 15-30 minutes to administer; 5-10 minutes to score; Comprehensive Form: 90 minutes to administer; 15 minutes to score

The Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) is a complete achievement assessment, offering both a comprehensive battery as well as a screening version for use with individuals throughout the life span.

Features of the AAB

  • Developed using academic standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council of Teachers of English, Common Core, and Reading First (USA)
  • Administration and scoring are straightforward and easy—both versions have a Fast Guide to help you get started
  • Provides age and grade-based norms
  • The AAB subtest and composite scores were found to be highly correlated with similar constructs on the WJ® III, KTEA™ -II, WRAT4, and WIAT® -III
  • The manual includes evidence supporting the ability of the AAB to differentiate performance in individuals with various learning disabilities, intellectual developmental disorder, ADHD, and speech/language impairment

View the AAB Composite Scores and Subtests here

Screening Form

The AAB Screening Form measures basic academic skills including letter and word reading, spelling, and mathematical calculation. An optional written composition component requires an extra 15 minutes to administer.

A composite score provides the user with a snapshot of the individual’s performance in reading, spelling, writing, and math.

The Screening Form is appropriate for evaluating fundamental academic skills during an initial evaluation, during re-evaluation, or when working with those referred for learning, behaviour, or vocational concerns.

Comprehensive Form

The AAB Comprehensive Form assesses performance in the seven areas of achievement: Basic Reading, Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Expressive Comprehension, Written Expression, Mathematical Calculation and Mathematical Reasoning.

The AAB Composite, a total score, provides an overview of the individual’s overall performance on the various aspects of achievement measured by the AAB.

A skills analysis enables you to investigate the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and offers a wealth of data with which to make interpretations and recommendations. It provides composite-to-composite and subtest-to-subtest discrepancy scores and reliable change scores.

The AAB may only be administered by hand, but scoring is also available online via PARiConnect.

All PARiConnect purchases made directly through ACER include dedicated local support. Contact our Customer Service Team to set up your account today.

Melissa A. Messer

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