ADDES-4 Complete Kit

Author(s) : Stephen B. McCarney and Tamara J. Arthaud

Publisher : Hawthorne Educational Services, Inc.

SKU : 992AD

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The Attention Deficit Disorder Evaluation Scale-Fourth Edition (ADDES-4) enables special educators, school and private psychologists, paediatricians, and other medical personnel to evaluate and diagnose Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in children and youth from input provided by primary observers of the student's behaviour.

The scale is available as a School Version (reporting form for educators), or a Home Version (reporting form for parents).

The ADDES-4 Complete Kit includes:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder Intervention Manual with Appendix CD
  • ADDES-4 School Version Technical Manual
  • ADDES-4 Home Version Technical Manual
  • Parent's Guide to Attention Deficit Disorder
  • 50 ADDES-4 School Version Rating Forms
  • 50 ADDES-4 Home Version Rating Forms
  • 50 Pre-Referral Attention Deficit Checklists
  • 50 Intervention Strategies Documentation Forms
Stephen B. McCarney and Tamara J. Arthaud

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