Adult with an Autism Diagnosis

A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

ISBN13 : 9781785922466

Author(s) : Gillan Drew

Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017

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Being diagnosed with autism as an adult can be disorienting and isolating; however, if you can understand the condition and how it affects perceptions, relationships, and your relationship with the world in general, a happy and successful life is attainable.

Through an introduction to the autism spectrum, and how the Level 1 diagnosis is characterised, the author draws on personal experiences to provide positive advice on dealing with life, health, and relationships following an adult diagnosis. The effect of autism on social skills is described with tips for dealing with family and personal relationships, parenting, living arrangements, and employment.

Drawing from the author's lived experience, this book is an essential guide for all newly diagnosed adults on the autism spectrum, their families and friends, and all professionals new to working with adults with ASDs.

Gillan Drew