AMAS-A (Adult) Autoscore Answer Forms (pkg 20)

Author(s) : Cecil R. Reynolds, Bert O. Richmond and Patricia A. Lowe

Publisher : WPS, 2003

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The Adult Manifest Anxiety Scale (AMAS) is an assessment used to evaluate the level of anxiety experienced by individuals across the lifespan - the AMAS consists of three instruments: the AMAS-A (Adult), AMAS-C (College) and AMAS-E (Elderly).

The AMAS-A (Adult) Autoscore Answer Forms are intended for use in evaluating anxiety levels experienced by individuals in early adulthood to middle age (19-59 years of age).

The AMAS-A has three anxiety scales (Worry/Oversensitivity Scale, Physiological Anxiety Scale and Social Concerns/Stress Scale) and a validity scale.

Respondents fill in the Autoscore Answer Forms, transferring their responses to the interior of the Autoscore Form for later scoring by the clinician.

Cecil R. Reynolds, Bert O. Richmond and Patricia A. Lowe

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