An Introduction to Early Childhood Studies

ISBN13 : 9781847871688

Author(s) : Trisha Maynard

Publisher : SAGE, 2009

SKU : 9781847871688

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The second edition of this best-selling textbook provides students and practitioners with a broad introduction to the main theories and issues within the field of early childhood studies. The book adopts a multi-disciplinary approach and pulls together all the key themes involved in the study of young children and childhood, and successfully demonstrates how these can be translated into real-life practice.

The chapters cover all key aspects of the curriculum, including:

  • the sociololgy of childhood
  • Child health
  • Child development
  • Realities of working with children.

This thoroughly updated and revised new edition also includes completely new chapters on research with children and leadership in early year settings.

It is a core text for all those involved in the study of childhood, particularly undergraduates in the fields of child social care; social work; social policy and education. It is also an invaluable resource for practitioners and policy makers working with children.

Trisha Maynard