Masterclass to Maximise Social-Emotional Wellbeing for Corporations and Staff

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13/10/22, 4PM–6PM (AEST)

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Join ACER's two-hour Masterclass on social and emotional learning (SEL) with Six-Star Wellbeing Founder, Anthony Klarica and ACER’s Psychologist Eirini Lammi.

Gain insight into the background and growth of SEL, as well as developing and building a SEL program in your workplace for your staff.

Masterclass outline:

  • The emergence and importance of social-emotional wellbeing and engagement for workplaces and staff
  • Building and integrating social-emotional programs into workplaces including balancing universal and targeted programs
  • Incorporating data-driven decision making into process and practice including a review of Six-Star Wellbeing and Engagement survey data in workplaces in six areas: mood, resilience, engagement, relaxation, communication and positivity
  • Leadership, culture and social-emotional wellbeing in workplaces
  • Choosing social-emotional programs including:
    • How often?
    • Who should deliver such programs?
    • Data management, boundaries and sharing information?
  • Organisation leaders to embrace the integration of social-emotional programs into their workplaces
  • The balance of explicit programs and general/incidental social-emotional development through a positive workplace culture and how these two factors support each other
  • Leaders to be empowered to drive social-emotional wellbeing of staff

Participants to have clear understanding of:

  • Research related to implementing social-emotional programs into workplaces to benefit staff
  • Their role in social-emotional programs in workplaces

Participants will feel empowered and skilled at integrating social-emotional programs into their workplaces

Anthony Klarica has worked in education and workplaces for over 30 years. He is the Director of Elite Performance and has held a variety of both contract and permanent roles in education and corporate environments during his career. He is the founder of the Six-Star Wellbeing & Engagement Survey used by over 45,000 people including students and staff in workplaces around Australia and is also the author of the book, The Performance Mindset.

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