Masterclass to Maximise Social & Emotional Learning for Students and Staff

Author(s) : Anthony Klarica

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15/9/22, 4PM–6PM (AEST)

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Developing responsible, caring, and resilient students is the basis for providing a healthly mindset into adulthood.

Join ACER’s two-hour Masterclass on social and emotional learning (SEL), presented by Sports Psychologist and Six-Star Wellbeing Survey founder, Anthony Klarica and ACER’s Psychologist Eirini Lammi. Gain insight into how effective implementation of SEL in schools can look, backed by research of over 30,000 students.

Masterclass outline:

  • Wellbeing and social emotional models
  • Ingredients to optimising SEL
  • Implementing an effective SEL program in your school
    • Who and how often?
    • Teacher role?
    • Explicit and implicit SEL?
    • Role of leadership in SEL?
    • Thinking and Doing activities?
  • Benefits and impact of SEL on academic performance and school climate
  • SEL across a school-lifespan
  • School community engagement in SEL, including use of and boundaries around sharing data
  • The Six-Star Wellbeing & Engagement survey as a tool and why 6 categories of Mood, Resilience, Engagement, Communication, Relaxation & Positivity are important
  • Australian student data trends in the six areas from grade 4 to year 12 – a review of 30,000 students
  • Value of data-driven and evidence-based decision making: identifying both strengths and concerns
  • School community engagement in SEL.

Join this engaging Masterclass about SEL, and learn how to build capacity in your schools for staff and students.

Anthony Klarica

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