Author(s) : Thomas M. Achenbach and Stephanie H. McConaught

Publisher : ASEBA, 2001

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The ASEBA Semi-structured Clinical Interview for Children and Adolescents (SCICA) for 6-18 year olds maximises the value of interviews with a flexible user-friendly protocol, plus forms on which interviewers rate their observations and children's self-reports during the interview.

It includes instructions, a protocol of questions and probes, observation and self-report forms for rating what the child does and says during the interview, and profiles for scoring ratings. The forms are scorable by the interviewer or observers.

The SCICA Protocol provides open-ended questions covering children's activities and school performance, peer relations, family relations, self-perceptions, feelings, and parent/teacher-reported problems.

The SCICA Manual (on CD-ROM) provides information on:

  • SCICA Rationale
  • Administering the SCICA
  • Scoring
  • Handscoring the SCICA Profiles
  • DSM-Oriented Scales of the SCICA Profiles
  • SCICA Syndrome Scales
  • Reliability and Validity
  • Computerised scoring of the SCICA
  • Applications of the SCICA
  • Case Illustrations and Sample Report
  • FAQs
Thomas M. Achenbach and Stephanie H. McConaught

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