ASEBA Test Observation Form (TOF) 2-18 Forms (pkg 50)

Author(s) : Thomas M. Achenbach and Stephanie H. McConaught

Publisher : ASEBA 2004

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The ASEBA Test Observation Form (TOF) is used to assess behavioural and emotional problems during testing, in children aged 2-18 years - it is a standardised form for rating observations of behaviour, affect, and test-taking style during testing sessions.

The TOF enhances the value of test scores by documenting test examiners' observations of children's behaviour during testing.

The TOF 2-18 Forms may be used during administration of any individual achievement or cognitive ability test.

The examiner will record their observations of the child's behaviour during the testing session, and will then score the child on 125 problem items, using a 4-point scale.

Thomas M. Achenbach and Stephanie H. McConaught

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