ASEBA Test Observation Form (TOF) 2-18 Handscoring Profiles for Boys (pkg 50)

Author(s) : Thomas M. Achenbach and Stephanie H. McConaught

Publisher : ASEBA 2004

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The ASEBA Test Observation Form (TOF) is used to assess behavioural and emotional problems during testing, in children aged 2-18 years - it is a standardised form for rating observations of behaviour, affect, and test-taking style during testing sessions.

The TOF enhances the value of test scores by documenting test examiners' observations of children's behaviour during testing.

The TOF 2-18 Handscoring Profiles display the TOF item scores and scale scores. There are separate Handscoring Profiles for boys and girls, with gender specific norms for ages 2-5, 6-11 and 12-18.

The TOF Syndrome Scales are:

  • Withdrawn/Depressed
  • Oppositional
  • Language/Thought Problems
  • Attention Problems
  • Anxious
Thomas M. Achenbach and Stephanie H. McConaught

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