ASK-KIDS Inventory for Children

Aspects of Self-knowledge About Activities

Author(s) : Dr. L.J Bornholt

Publisher : ACER Press, 2005

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ASK-KIDS Inventory for Children Manual

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Purpose: Generates profiles of children's identities and self-concepts

Age: 4-12 years

Time: 15 minutes

The ASK-KIDS Inventory generates profiles of children's identities and self-concepts about everyday activities. These include self-concepts about literacy, making friends, body self-concepts and others that form useful profiles.

The profiles on identities include the child's sense of uniqueness as individuality, as well as a sense of belonging socially (and may be adapted to identities of place, spirituality and other identities).

Simple line drawings are used to describe each activity, and there are five items for each of the identities and self-concepts. Children's responses are recorded using one-to-five dot-point scales. 

The responses form reliable indicators of identities and self-concepts, with sound factor structure and validity in relation to children's participation in relevant activities.  The materials are integral components in contemporary MSM Motivational Spiral Models for children's participation in everyday activities, and materials are designed so that ASK-KIDS can be extended to other activities.

ASK-KIDS profiles are brief, useful and meaningful for psychologists, school counsellors, clinicians, health professionals and researchers, who work with children in clinics, schools and community settings.

Dr. L.J Bornholt

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