Autism? Aspergers? ADHD?

A Parent's Roadmap to Understandinding and Support

ISBN13 : 9781932565263

Author(s) : Diane Burns

Publisher : Future Horizons

SKU : 3016BK

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Suspect there's something "different" about your child?

Autism? Aspergers? ADHD? ADD? will help you navigate those early stages of your child's life when a diagnosis is nowhere in sight. Not knowing how to help your child can leave you totally frustrated, or frightened into inaction by a vision of what may lie ahead.

Written by a mother who understands (at first, she tried with all her might to avoid her son's diagnosis!), this book humorously and gently prods parents into action, beginning with the chapters "Was That the Exit to Normal?" and "Rules of the Road," and then getting to the nitty gritty in " Labels - You Gotta Love 'Em" and "To School or Not to School."

Diane Burns