BAS-3 Core Scales - Early Years Record Booklet (pkg 25)

ISBN13 : 9780708720189

Author(s) : Colin D. Elliot and Pauline Smith

Publisher : GL Assessment, 2011

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The British Ability Scales-Third Edition (BAS-3) is a comprehensive and flexible battery for assessing children's current intellectual functioning, from the ages of 3-17.

Comprising of 20 shorts tests, each measuring particular types of knowledge, thinking and/or skills, the BAS-3 is unique in the range of measurement facilities it offers and the variety of scales it includes. It allows an efficient and reliable assessment in 30-45 minutes (depending on the child).

The BAS-3 Core Scales - Early Years Record Booklet covers all scales for use with preschool children, and can be used in the early school years (up to the age of 7 years 11 months). It is generally used with children up to the age of 5 years 11 months.

The Early Years Record Booklet assesses reasoning, perception and memory. It includes both Core and Achievement Scales, and are used with the Early Years Stimulus Books.

The Record Booklet is used by the clinician to record the child's responses and raw scores.

Colin D. Elliot and Pauline Smith

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