BDI-2 Screener Record Form (pkg 30)

Author(s) : Jean Newborg

Publisher : Riverside Publishing, 2005

SKU : 103XQ

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The Battelle Developmental Inventory - Second Edition (BDI-2) is an early childhood instrument based on the concepts of developmental milestones. As a child develops, he or she typically attains critical skills and behaviours sequentially from simple to complex. The BDI-2 helps measure a child's progress along this developmental continuum by both global domains and discrete skill sets.

The BDI-2 Screening Test includes 100 test items from the full BDI-2. It's results can indicate whether the full scale BDI-2 should be administered.

The BDI-2 Screening Test is administered using the Screening Test Item Test Book (available in the BDI-2 Kit) and the BDI-2 Screener Record Form - when conducting the BDI-2 Screening Test.

The Record Form has three sections: a scoring summary section (page 1), a Test Session Behavioural Observation Form (page 2) and the five domain item response areas (starts page 3).

Examiners will record the information about the child and his/her responses on the Record Form.

Jean Newborg

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