Behaviour Intervention Manual – Second Edition

Goals, Objectives, and Intervention Strategies

Author(s) : Edited by Samm N. House

Publisher : Hawthorne Educational Services, Inc., 2021

SKU : 501BIM

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The Behaviour Intervention Manual–Second Edition (BIM-2) is designed to respond to the most typical behaviour problems exhibited by students. It covers more than 261 behaviours and provides:

  • Specific goals
  • Precise and measurable objectives
  • Practical and appropriate intervention strategies that can be easily implemented in the regular classroom.

The interventions reflect positive teacher behaviour, contribute to a positive classroom, and have been proven to contribute to student success in the educational environment.

The new BIM-2 has a user friendly format with colour-coded sections and includes a Reciprocal Social Interactions & Communication section with 9 new additional behaviours.

Edited by Samm N. House