Bender-Gestalt II Examiner's Manual

Author(s) : Gary G. Brannigan and Scott L. Decker

Publisher : Riverside Publishing, 2003

SKU : 500BGV

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The Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test 2nd ed. (Bender-Gestalt II) is a brief test of visual-motor integration that can provide interpretive information about an individual's development and psychological functioning.

Appropriate for ages 4 to 85+ years, Bender-Gestalt II is designed for use with both children and adults and is useful in the identification of learning difficulties including poor perceptual discrimination ability, poor fine motor skills, visual-motor integration problems, attentional and impulsivity problems and memory storage and retrieval problems.

The Bender-Gestalt II Examiner's Manual provides information on:

  • Overview and Historical Background
  • Test Development
  • New Features of the Bender-Gestalt II
  • Administration and Scoring Procedures
  • Normative Information
  • Technical Information
  • Interpreting Results
Gary G. Brannigan and Scott L. Decker

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