BIP – Online Self-Rating Standard Report

Author(s) : R. Hossiep & M. Paschen

Publisher : Hogrefe UK

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Purpose: Asses work style and motivation
Time: Form S (Self-rated): Untimed (approx 40 minutes); Form O (Observer-rated): Untimed (approx 10-15 minutes)
Format: Online

The Business-Focused Inventory of Personality (BIP) combines an assessment of both work style and motivation.

The self-report questionnaire (Form S) is complemented by a version of the questionnaire that can be completed by others (Form O). This provides a useful insight into the impact of behaviour on other people and, as such, makes for a rich source of information in a development setting.

The questionnaire includes fourteen scales arranged into four conceptual domains:

  1. Occupational Orientation – assessing work-specific motivation, this domain considers what motivates respondents in planning and shaping their career path and what they value in a job.
  2. Occupational Behaviour – assesses the typical approach to work.
  3. Social Competencies – this domain describes the style of interacting with other people.
  4. Psychological Constitution – this domain seeks to describe how the demands made by a range of tasks at work, impact on a person's resilience and experience of emotional pressure.

In addition, the BIP has an ‘Impression Management’ scale which assesses an aspect of the test taker’s approach to the questionnaire and enables the test user to obtain, to some extent, the extent to which respondents are emphasising more or less positive aspects of themselves.

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Sample BIP Form S Report

R. Hossiep & M. Paschen

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