BRIEF-SR Summary/Profile Forms (pkg 50)

Author(s) : Steven C. Guy, Peter K. Isquith and Gerard A. Gioia

Publisher : PAR, 1996

SKU : 600BRS

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The Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function - Self-Report Version (BRIEF-SR) is a self-report measure that captures older children's and adolescents views of their own executive functions (or self-regulation).

The BRIEF-SR Summary/Profile Form includes instructions for hand-scoring the BRIEF-SR clinical scales, validity scales, indexes as well as summary tables for recording the raw scores, T scores and percentiles.

The reverse side provides a graph for plotting the T scores.

Please note: The BRIEF2 was published in 2016, with a BRIEF-2 Self-Report component that is an updated version of the BRIEF-SR with new norms.

Steven C. Guy, Peter K. Isquith and Gerard A. Gioia

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