Author(s) : Jerome J. Ammer and Tina E. Bangs

Publisher : Pro-Ed USA, 2000

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The Birth to Three Assessment and Intervention - Second Edition (BTAIS-2) provides examiners with an integrated, three-component system for screening, assessing, and intervening with children age birth to 3.

Children identified as delayed can be tested with the Comprehensive Test of Developmental Abilities (CTDA), a criterion-referenced measure built to identify each child's specific strengths and weaknesses, and to guide the preparation of instructional plans. The CTDA was built to assess children in the following areas:

  • Language Comprehension
  • Language Expression
  • Nonverbal Thinking
  • Social/Personal Development
  • Motor Development

The BTAIS-2 CTDA Manual provides information on:

  • Basic Concepts in Infant and Toddler Language/Learning Developmental Evaluation
  • Overview of the BTAIS-2 CTDA
  • Administration and scoring
  • Reporting and Interpreting the results
Jerome J. Ammer and Tina E. Bangs

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