Bullying Interventions in Schools

Six basic approaches

ISBN13 : 9780864319579

Author(s) : Ken Rigby

Publisher : ACER Press, 2010

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Dealing effectively with the problem of bullying in schools is now recognised as a major challenge for educators of young people. Successful interventions to stop, or even reduce, bullying in schools are difficult to achieve.

More attention needs to be paid to what can be done in addressing actual cases of bullying, as well as seeking to create a school environment in which the task may be more manageable. Schools need to be aware of the range of approaches that may be adopted and applied in dealing with individual cases.

Bullying Interventions in Schools aims to promote an understanding of what methods exist to address actual cases of bullying and when and how they can best be applied. Each method is described in detail, together with its rationale.

In addition, the strengths and limitations of their use are critically examined, drawing upon research-based evidence regarding their efficacy and applicability for different kinds and degrees of bullying encountered in schools.

Bullying Interventions in Schools examines in detail the six major intervention methods:

  1. Traditional disciplinary approach
  2. Strengthening the victim
  3. Mediation
  4. Restorative practice
  5. Support group method
  6. Method of shared concern.

Ken Rigby, PhD, is an Adjunct Professor at the University of South Australia. He is a leading international researcher in the area of bullying in schools, having published many books on the subject and numerous peer-reviewed journal articles. He has ten years' experience as a school teacher, has been an educational consultant for departments of education and schools, and a speaker at conferences and workshops on school bullying around the world. His wide-ranging experience has enabled him to make many significant contributions to the problem of reducing bullying in schools.