Author(s) : Jeff Epstein, Diane E. Johnson and C. Keith Conners

Publisher : MHS, 2001

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The Conners' Adult ADHD Diagnostic Interview for DSM-IV (CAADID) is a structured interview that assists in the process of diagnosing adult ADHD, in adults 18 years and over. This assessment is appropriate for those 18 and older.

The interview is divided into Part I and Part II, which are administered separately. Part I is the Patient History Questionnaire, which can be administered as a clinical interview or self-report questionnaire.

Part II, the Diagnostic Criteria Interview, is presented in interview format. The clinician uses the information obtained in Part I to assess against DSM-IV criteria for ADHD.

The CAADID Manual provides information on:

  • Common Complaints and Observations in ADHD in Adults
  • Development of the CAADID
  • Issues in the Assessment of ADHD
  • Administration and Scoring
  • Interpreting results
  • Case histories (the use of the CAADID with these other instruments is illustrated by case studies)
Jeff Epstein, Diane E. Johnson and C. Keith Conners

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