CAB Teacher Rating Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Bruce A. Bracken and Lori K. Keith

Publisher : PAR, 2004

SKU : 602CAB

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The Clinical Assessment of Behavior (CAB) assesses adjustment, psychosocial strengths and weaknesses, and problem behaviours in ages 2-18 years (parent ratings) and 5-18 years (teacher ratings). It assists in the identification of children and adolescents across a wide age range who are in need of behavioural, educational, or psychiatric treatment or intervention.

Three separate rating forms (Parent Extended [CAB-PX], Parent, and Teacher) contain corresponding items, allowing parents and teachers to contribute equally to the evaluation of target behaviours.

The CAB Kit includes the CAB Software Portfolio (CAB-SP) Download that calculates raw scores, T scores, and percentiles for all scales and clusters after hand-entry of item responses. The software generates unlimited complete Score Reports and profiles for all CAB forms.

The CAB Teacher Rating Form contains 70 items, is completed by a teacher and takes approximately 5-10 minutes to administer. The items in the Teacher Rating Form are matched to the items in the Parent Rating Form.

The Teacher Rating Form has two Clinical Scales (Internalising and Externalising) and two Adaptive Scales (Social Skills and Competence).

The responses are entered into the CAB-SP for instant scoring and reporting.

Bruce A. Bracken and Lori K. Keith

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