CAS2: BRIEF Examiner's Manual

Author(s) : Jack A. Naglieri, J. P. Das, and Sam Goldstein

Publisher : Pro-ED USA, 2014

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The Cognitive Assessment System 2nd Edition, Brief Version (CAS2: BRIEF) is a norm-referenced measure of cognitive ability based on the well-researched PASS cognitive/neuropsychological theory (Planning, Attention, Simultaneous, and Successive).

The CAS2: BRIEF can be used to examine children and adolescent's strengths and weaknesses in important areas of cognitive processing (from 5-18 years of age).

The CAS2: BRIEF was designed to be used whenever a fast, reliable, research-based measure is needed to evaluate PASS cognitive abilities. This would include initial testing to measure overall ability and examination of variability in PASS scores to determine possible implications for intervention.

The CAS2: BRIEF Examiner's Manual provides general information, specific instructions for administering and scoring the subtests, norms tables, and interpretive tables.

Jack A. Naglieri, J. P. Das, and Sam Goldstein