Why Not the Best Schools?

What We Have Learned from Outstanding Schools around the World

ISBN13 : 9780864319555

Author(s) : Brian Caldwell and Jessica Harris

Publisher : ACER Press

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Expectations have been raised in Australia and comparable countries for an 'education revolution' that will secure success for all students in all settings. Such a revolution must ensure the alignment of educational outcomes, the skills required for a strong economy, and the needs of a harmonious society.

Why not the Best Schools? offers a ten-point, ten-year plan for an education revolution that will result in the transformation of Australia's schools.

Why Not the Best Schools? is drawn from a major research project undertaken by Brain Caldwell and Jessica Harris involving studies of successful schools in six countries (Finland, Wales, Australia, USA, China, England). It compares a total of 30 schools and examines the conditions necessary for schools anywhere to improve and attain high standards for students. Fifty indicators are provided to help shape strategies for policy makers and practitioners in schools and school systems.

Brian Caldwell and Jessica Harris