CDRS-R Administration Booklet (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Elva O. Poznanski and Hartmut B. Mokros

Publisher : WPS, 1996

SKU : 600CDR

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The Children's Depression Rating Scale - Revised (CDRS™-R) offers an efficient way to diagnose childhood depression and monitor treatment response. It captures slight but notable changes in symptoms in children 6-12 years of age.

Unlike self-report inventories, the CDRS-R not only assesses depression, but also takes the first step in the therapeutic process. A direct interview engages children who are isolated and withdrawn (as most depressed children are), bringing them into positive contact and interaction.

The CDRS-R Administration Booklet is used by the examiner to tabulate results. It provides a single Summary Score (a T-score), with an interpretation of, and recommendations for, six different score ranges. If applicable, it also compares ratings based on different sources (e.g., parent and child interviews) for each of the 17 symptom areas-and notes clinically significant results.

Elva O. Poznanski and Hartmut B. Mokros

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