Clementine’s Great Big UH OHs

Learning to Accept Mistakes

ISBN13 : 9781949177527

Author(s) : Edie Lau (Illustrator: Fanny Roch)

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2021

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A book about learning to accept mistakes - It's hard for any of us to deal with mistakes, but for kids with autism, this is even more true.

Clementine is a sweet little mouse that can’t shake the daily “UH OHs” that knot up like pretzels in her belly.

The night before her birthday she makes sure that there will be absolutely no UH OHs with her perfect party plans. Unfortunately, a series of disasters strike – there’s mold in her cheese, she’s run out of icing for her cupcakes, and no one shows up. UH OH!

After a monstrous meltdown, Clementine discovers something remarkable about her dreaded UH-OHs and about herself!

In the dynamic world in which we live, anxiety is becoming increasingly more prevalent in children. The management of anxiety can be challenging for children and parents alike. The stories of Clementine create a playful environment for children and parents to explore and face some of the challenges of anxiety with psychological distance.

Clementine’s journey is a relatable, funny, heartwarming story that invites kids to take a safe step closer to understanding and managing their anxiety with confidence.

Edie Lau (Illustrator: Fanny Roch)