Clues for Critical Thinking Super Fun Deck

Publisher : SuperDuper Publications, 2020

SKU : 923FUD

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Target three critical thinking content areas (Inferencing, Predicting, and Vocabulary) with Clues for Critical Thinking Super Fun Deck.

Each of the three content areas has 40 cards (with photographs) containing nonfiction and fiction stories. The stories are ordered by readability (from 1st to 7th Grade) and word count (from 10 to 100 words). Follow-up questions allow students to practice finding evidence within the story to support their answers. Questions become incrementally more difficult, starting with 3 answer choices, then 4 answer choices, and ending with open-ended questions.

Students can use the Secret Decoder to reveal clues in the text to help them come up with the correct answer, or they can state their answer, cite the evidence, then use the decoder to check their answer.

Contains 120 photo cards, Strategies & Activities, and Content cards in a sturdy storage box.