Color My Senses

The Sensory Detective Coloring Book

ISBN13 : 9781935567660

Author(s) : Paula Aquilla

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2016

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Use Color My Senses to show children they can learn about their senses while colouring!

Children can learn about their own sensory processing through a variety of practical examples in this fun colouring book. They'll learn how they are processing sensations throughout the day and gain an awareness and appreciation of their nervous system.


Paula Aquilla is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has practiced in a variety of clinical, home and community settings since 1986. She is the director of Aquilla Occupational Therapy (established in 1990) and was the founder and director of Yes I Can! Nursery School, Yes I Can! Summer Camps, and the I Love My Baby programs in Toronto from 1990-1996.