Connecting Math Concepts: Workbook 1, Level B

ISBN13 : 9780021035748

Publisher : SRA Mcgraw Hill, 2012

SKU : 602CMC

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Develop students’ problem-solving capabilities and their ability to think and communicate mathematically.

Connecting Math Concepts introduces ideas gradually and teaches students the connections between concepts. Focusing on big ideas in mathematics, the program teaches explicit strategies that enable students to master challenging concepts such as ratios, proportions, probability, functions, and data analysis. Detailed explanations and guided practice enable students to progress toward independent work, helping them to achieve success and become confident mathematical thinkers.

This Direct Instruction-based (DI) program uses a proven pedagogical approach and helps learners achieve mastery of basic skills, whilst developing sophisticated problem-solving strategies.

With Connecting Math Concepts, all concepts are learned and assimilated through use. The program presents new concepts incrementally, extending them into subsequent lessons. Students move forward in small steps, learning and applying a variety of topics in each lesson. Students learn and remember more, in less time, developing the depth of understanding required for advanced mathematics.

Connecting Math Concepts: Workbook 1, Level B contains writing activities, which the students do as part of the structured presentation of a lesson, and as independent work. Each Workbook covers specific lessons.