Corrective Reading Decoding (Level B1) – Standardised Test Practice Masters

ISBN13 : 9780076112210

Publisher : SRA McGraw Hill, 2007

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The Corrective Reading Series provides intensive direct instruction-based reading intervention for students in Grades 3–Adult who are reading below grade level. This Direct Instruction (DI) reading intervention program delivers tightly sequenced, carefully planned lessons that give struggling students the structure and practice necessary to become skilled, fluent readers and better learners.

The Corrective Reading Decoding (Level B1) – Standardised Test Practice Masters is a supplement to the Corrective Reading program that assists teachers prepare students for standardised assessments and reinforce what students have learnt using the Corrective Reading program.

For lesson 1 through 4, and 6 through 9, a one-page activity is provided to review various skills taught in the lesson. For every fifth lesson, the activity is a simulation if standardised comprehension assessment, with a reading passage followed by 4-10 questions.

Duplicate each activity page and distribute them to students immediately after the completion of the lesson.

The review activity gives students the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned and reinforce existing skills.