DAPS Hand-Scorable Answer Sheet (pkg 50)

Author(s) : John Briere

Publisher : PAR, 2001

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The Detailed Assessment of Posttraumatic Stress (DAPS) assesses traumatic exposure and symptoms of posttraumatic stress in adults 18-91 years of age. The DAPS assists in the diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or acute stress disorder (ASD) based on an individual's self-reported trauma exposure and posttraumatic symptoms.

The DAPS Hand-Scorable Answer Sheet is completed by the respondent. They read the items from the Reusable Item Booklet, then mark their responses on the Hand-Scorable Answer Sheet.

The DAPS items are presented in three parts, and the Answer Sheet is completed accordingly.

The Hand-Scorable Answer Sheet is either scored by hand by the examiner (in conjunction with the Profile Form), or online via PARiConnect score or interpretive reports.

John Briere

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