Developmental Profile 3 (DP-3)

Author(s) : Gerald D. Alpern

Publisher : WPS, 2007


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Please note: The Developmental Profile™ 4: (DP™-4) was published in 2020.

Purpose: Allows you to quickly screen a child for developmental delays in five key areas

Age:  Birth-12 years, 11 months

Time: 20-40 minutes

The Developmental Profile 3 (DP-3) is designed to evaluate children for developmental delay in the following areas:

  1. Physical - Large and small muscle coordination, strength, stamina, flexibility, and sequential motor skills
  2. Adaptive behaviour - Ability to cope independently with the environment, i.e. to eat, dress, work, use modern technology, and take care of self and others
  3. Social-emotional - Interpersonal abilities, social and emotional understanding, functional performance in social situations and manner in which the child relates to friends, relatives and adults
  4. Cognitive - Intellectual abilities and skills prerequisites to academic achievement
  5. Communication - Expressive and receptive communication skills, including written, spoken and gestural language

Within each scale, basals and ceilings are used, so you don’t have to administer all 180 items. And because each scale has its own norms, you don’t have to use all five scales if you’re interested in just one.

The DP-3 includes 180 items, each describing a particular skill. The respondent simply indicates whether or not the child has mastered the skill in question. It provides A General Development Score as well as scale scored for the 5 above areas.

Key Features

  • Choice of administration techniques: While a parent interview is the preferred method of administration, the DP-3 offers an alternative that’s useful when a face-to-face meeting is not possible. The Parent/Caregiver Checklist contains the same item content as the Interview Form (though language has been altered slightly)
  • Updated item content reflecting cultural and technological changes
  • Easy interpretation guidelines and suggested intervention activities for skills measured
  • General development score for those who require an overall index of development

The DP-3 Scoring software generates DP-3 scores and provides an easy-to- read interpretive analysis with the following features:

  1. Graphical Representation of Scores - You can easily spot advanced or delayed development across the five scales and the General Development score
  2. Scale Pattern Analysis and Scale-by-Scale Item Analysis - These calculations reveal statistical significance in the pattern of strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint skills not mastered that fall below the child’s ability level on each scale
  3. Individualised Intervention Activities - For each scale, the program suggests teaching activities that address the child’s specific weaknesses
  4. Clinician and Parent Reports - The CD generates a thorough clinical report for professionals and an easy-to-understand summary for parents.
Gerald D. Alpern

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