DISC Personality System

Revised and Expanded Edition

Publisher : PeopleKeys


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The DISC Personality System can help you to improve communication, identify your personal strengths, and reduce confict.

The DISC Personality System focuses on one's personality style, behavioural characteristics, and predictable behaviours. Every person has a combination of these four main DISC personality styles:

  1. Dominance - Direct, Decisive, Driven
  2. Influence - Outgoing, Persuasive, Impulsive
  3. Steadiness - Stable, Thoughtful, Reliable
  4. Compliance - Conscientious, Organized, Systematic

This comprehensive DISC Personality Profile test includes just 24 questions that have been expertly crafted to create a complete personality profile. The DISC Personality Profiles incorporate thorough descriptions for all potential combinations of DISC styles.

DISC personality style descriptions encompass:

  • Descriptions of individual strengths and potential limitations for each personality style
  • How each style communicates
  • An action plan for enhancing interpersonal relationships
  • Environmental preferences

The DISC test can be taken and scored during a seminar, team building activity or training session. Everyone will leave with a comprehensive booklet, outlining all style combinations.

The DISC Personality System can be used to facilitate Team Building, Leadership Development, Hiring & Talent Management, Consulting, Coaching and Counselling and Personal Development.

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