Dogs and Autism

ISBN13 : 9781941765906

Author(s) : Annie Bowes

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2019

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Author and veterinarian Annie Bowes discovered at a young age that having a dog was invaluable. From encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle to providing unmatched emotional and social support, a dog is the perfect companion for anyone, but especially those with autism. Bowes discusses the countless ways the understanding, acceptance, and boundless love of a dog benefits everyone-particularly those on the spectrum.

Through many years of working with dogs in her practice, she grew interested in how canine companionship helps people with Autism. Dogs and Autism is a result of her many years of research and first-hand experience understanding the benefits of dogs as an alternative treatment to those on the autism spectrum.
Some topics include:

  • The "Pet Effect"
  • Finding the Right Dog for You
  • The Human-Animal Bond: The Science is There
  • Training Your Dog
  • Dogs are Heroes
  • Dogs Understand Autism.


Annie Bowes