Dyscalculia Guidance

Helping pupils with specific learning difficulties in maths

ISBN13 : 9780708711521

Author(s) : Brian Butterworth and Dorian Yeo

Publisher : GL Assessment, 2004

SKU : 0708711529

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Dyscalculia Guidance is an invaluable resource for providing teachers and special education teachers with practical advice on supporting dyscalculic pupils, from pre-school through to university level, and is ideal for use after the Dyscalculia Screener Digital.

This comprehensive guide offers practical advice as well as specific teaching strategies that have proven effective, to help dyscalculic pupils achieve their potential.

It will enable teachers to better understand the nature of the condition and how best to support pupils, with recommendations for further reading.

Included activities build foundation knowledge vital to progress of dyscalculic pupils.

Brian Butterworth and Dorian Yeo

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