Dyslexia Guidance

ISBN13 : 9780708717691

Author(s) : Martin Turner and Philippa Bodien

Publisher : GL Assessment, 2007

SKU : 4086BK

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Dyslexia Guidance is a comprehensive guide that offers advice on supporting dyslexic students both in the classroom and through intervention from specialist practitioners.

An invaluable resource for teachers and special education teachers, Dyslexia Guidance is ideal for use after the Dyslexia Screener Digital and Dyslexia Portfolio, that provides practical advice on supporting dyslexic pupils, from pre-school through to university level.

By concentrating on the 'life cycle' of a pupil with dyslexia, Dyslexia Guidance takes the reader through each stage of a pupil's school career. It starts with commonly occurring precursors for dyslexia - such as dislike of school and difficulty with letters and numbers - through transfer to secondary school, acquisition of study skills and techniques, and Access Arrangements for pupils tackling public examinations.

Martin Turner is an independent educational psychologist who has been involved with training specialist teachers over many years and considered there to be a gap in the resources available for effective and up-to-date tests that would allow teachers to put into practice the training they had received.

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