EDDT-PF Response Booklet (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Bryan L. Euler

Publisher : PAR, 2010

SKU : 602EDD

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The Emotional Disturbance Decision Tree-Parent Form (EDDI-PF) can assist in the identification of children who qualify for the special education category of emotional disturbance based on federal criteria.

Used in conjunction with the original instrument (EDDT), the EDDT-PF can help create a more complete picture of a child or adolescent's behaviour through the parent's eyes. It adds a parental perspective in the evaluation of children for emotional disturbance (ED).

The EDDT-PF Response Booklet includes the Answer Sheet that respondents mark their answers on.

The bottom section of the Response Booklet is used by the examiner to calculate the EDDT-PF scores/calculate raw scores (Scoring Sheet).

Bryan L. Euler

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