Entrepreneurial Edge Online: Training Kit

Author(s) : Roger Pearman Ed.D, R. Daniel Parks and Barry Phillips

Publisher : MHS, 2019

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The Entrepreneurial Edge measures the competencies needed for entrepreneurial success and provides a robust understanding of those competencies that are imperative to ones success in any endeavor that can benefit from an entrepreneurial understanding or perspective.

Using the Intrapreneur Report and (with an Entrepreneur Report coming soon), both individuals and organizations can measure the competencies needed for entrepreneurial success.

Innovation within organizations operates in cycles, which can be broken down into four distinct stages as seen in the Entrepreneurial Edge Model: Innovating, Marketing, growing and renewing.

All first-time users are required to purchase an Entrepreneurial Edge Online Training Kit, which includes:

  • Access to the training materials
  • 50 tokens

Once you have purchased a Training Kit, you need only top up your tokens as required to generate your reports.

  • Intrapreneur Report (50 tokens per report)

In a fast-changing world, innovation is a necessity for any business. Companies and employees looking to build entrepreneurial skills can benefit from the Entrepreneurial Edge’s Intrapreneurial Report. The Intrapreneur Report is tailored for those looking to innovate within an organization. Find out what each of the entrepreneurial competencies mean from an intrapreneur perspective. Advice and tips within the report have been tailored to intrapreneurs, ensuring users know exactly how to leverage their strengths and develop their competencies as an intrapreneur.

To generate your reports, tokens are required.

Roger Pearman Ed.D, R. Daniel Parks and Barry Phillips