Essentials of Dyslexia Assessment and Intervention

ISBN13 : 9780470927601

Author(s) : Nancy Mather and Barbara J. Wendling

Publisher : Wiley, 2011

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A must read for special education teachers and educators, this user-friendly and accessible guide combines research, assessment, and treatment interventions of dyslexia in one concise volume.

The authors address the components that need to be considered in the assessment of dyslexia, both cognitive and academic, and include descriptions of the various tests that might be utilised in a comprehensive dyslexia assessment.

Nancy Mather, PhD, is a Professor at the University of Arizona in the Department Disability and Psychoeducational Studies. She specialises in the areas of assessment, reading, writing, and learning disabilities. She has served as a learning disabilities teacher, a diagnostician, a university professor, and an educational consultant. She is a co-author of the Woodcock-Johnson III.

Barbara J. Wendling, MA, is the Education Director for the Woodcock-Muñoz Foundation. Barbara has served as a general education teacher, a learning disabilities specialist, a product manager for a test publishing company, and an educational consultant. She has a number of publications related to assessment and instruction and is a co-author of the Woodcock Interpretation and Instructional Interventions Program.