FAM-III Manual

Author(s) : Harvey A. Skinner, Paul D. Steinhauer and Jack Santa-Barbara

Publisher : MHS, 1995

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The Family Assessment Measure -III (FAM-III) is an assessment of family functioning. It provides a multilevel (within-family) assessment across six universal clinical parameters and two validity scales. The FAM-III's capacity for differentiation makes it well-suited to clinical assessment and treatment monitoring.

The Brief FAM provides an overview of family functioning, making it ideal for screening or for preliminary evaluations. It is also useful for monitoring family functioning during the course of treatment. It includes the same three scales as the longer version, but fewer items.

The FAM-III Manual provides information on:

  • Introduction to the FAM-III
  • Administration and Scoring
  • Interpretation of scores
  • Case Studies
  • Scale Development
  • Norms, reliability and validity
Harvey A. Skinner, Paul D. Steinhauer and Jack Santa-Barbara

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