Family Relations Test (Children's Version) Manual

Author(s) : Eva Bene and James Anthony

Publisher : GL Asseessment, 1985

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The Family Relations Test (Children's Version) provides a quick and objective indication of the direction and intensity of the feelings and emotions (both positive and negative) that a child has towards each member of their family, as well as the child's estimate of their reciprocal regard for them.

Available for use with children from 3 to 7 years and 8 to 15 years, the test consists of 21 figures, which represent people of various ages, shapes and sizes, from which the child is asked to choose to represent their family members and significant individuals.

The Family Relations Test (Children's Version) Manual provides information on:

  • Introduction
  • The Test Items
  • Administration
  • Interpretation of the Results and General Considerations
  • Discovery of Significant Figures
  • Examples of Clinical Use
  • Reliability and Validity
Eva Bene and James Anthony

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