Feifer Assessment of Writing Screening Form (FAW™ SF): Kit

Author(s) : Steven G. Feifer

Publisher : PAR, 2020

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The Feifer Assessment of Writing Screening Form (FAW™ SF) is designed to screen for dysgraphia and written-language language disorders in school children, as well as to identify children at risk for developmental dysgraphia.

The FAW SF examines the underlying processes that support proficient written language skills. In addition to identifying the possibility of dysgraphia, the FAW is able to determine the subtype of dysgraphia.

Key Features

  • Designed to measure three subtypes of written language disorders (or dysgraphias)
  • Measures the core features of writing from both a graphomotor and cognitive–linguistic perspective.
  • Results help specify, from a neuropsychological perspective, exactly why a student struggles with written language.
  • Yields a single index score that indicates risk for dysgraphia or a written-language language disorder.
  • Intended to assist examiners in deciding whether the risk of dysgraphia or a written-language language disorder is high enough to warrant further assessment.
  • Can be used as the progress monitoring tool.

The Feifer Assessment of Writing Screening Form (FAW™ SF): Kit includes:

  • Professional Manual
  • Scoring Guide
  • Screening Stimulus Book
  • 10 Screening Response Forms
  • 10 Screening Record Forms
  • Scoring Templates
Steven G. Feifer

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