FrSBe Self-Rating Profile Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Janet Grace and Paul F. Malloy

Publisher : PAR, 2001

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The Frontal Systems Behavior Scale (FrSBe) is a brief assessment of behaviour related to frontal systems damage, in adults 18-95 years of age. It provides a means to identify and quantify behavioural problems caused by frontal lobe damage, so those problems may be targeted for treatment.

The 46-item FrSBe behaviour rating scale is easier and less time-consuming to administer than a neuropsychological test battery.

Test Booklets include response scales for rating behaviour before the illness/injury (BEFORE) and after the illness/injury (AFTER).

The FrSBe Self-Rating Profile Form is used to plot the standardised T scores that were converted from the raw scores. BEFORE and AFTER T scores are plotted in the appropriate areas, and are then connected to provide a visual representation.

The Self-Rating Profile Form may only be used in conjunction with the Self-Rating Test Booklet.

Janet Grace and Paul F. Malloy

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