Fun Deck & Do Fun Sheets

Grammar, Reasoning and Semantics - Book 1

Author(s) : Kim Gill and Joanne DeNinno

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

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Fun Deck & Do Fun Sheets is a reproducible workbook that goes hand-in-hand with 20 Webber Fun Decks in the areas of Grammar, Reasoning, and Semantics, meaning it contains Fun Sheets for 20 Super Duper Fun Decks!

Each Fun Deck section has over ten reproducible activities for use in the classroom, in therapy or at home.

Activities include games, colouring, listening, cut-and-paste pages, puzzles, stories, and sorting tasks.

You also receive a reproducible parent letter to send home with activities.

Suitable for kinder to year 6, the book includes Fun Sheets for the following Super Duper Fun Decks:


  • Is & Are
  • Was & Were
  • Possessiveness
  • Plurals
  • Comparatives
  • Pronoun Parade


  • Cause and Effect
  • Idioms
  • Let's Predicts
  • What's Wacky?
  • What's Missing?
  • What's Different?


  • Opposites
  • Pigs & Pals Prepositions
  • Classifying
  • What Doesn't Belong?
  • Things that go Together
  • Function Match-Ups
  • Compound Words
  • Who Needs This?
Kim Gill and Joanne DeNinno