Good Night Nightmares: Bad dreams and facing our fears

A story to ward off night time fears

ISBN13 : 978-0-9806743-7-8

Author(s) : Elisenda Roca and Cristina Losantos

Publisher : Quirky Kid, 2015

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A great resource for clinicians, teachers and parents alike, this engaging and humorous book will assist young readers to navigate nightmares and their fear of the dark.

Meet Josh, the boy who overcame his fear of nightmares and the dark by bravely venturing deep into the night (with lots of help from his family, of course). A story about how changing your attitude can help you overcome your night time fears.

Filled with illustrations and packed with useful strategies, this title can be easily implemented for use in therapy, at school or at home.

Available as individual title or in the Behaviour Series Set.

Elisenda Roca and Cristina Losantos