HADS Record Form (pkg 100)

Author(s) : R.P. Snaith and A.S. Zigmond

Publisher : GL Education, 1994

SKU : 100QCP

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The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) is a valid and reliable self-rating scale that measures anxiety and depression in both hospital and community settings. Fully standardised, HADS can detect the presence and severity of mild degrees of mood disorder, anxiety and depression using one brief questionnaire.

HADS gives clinically meaningful results as a psychological screening tool and can assess the symptom severity of anxiety disorders and depression in patients with illness and the general population.

The HADS Record Form is completed by the respondent. They underline the reply to presented statements that comes closest to how they have been feeling over the past 7 days. Instructions on how to complete the Form are provided at the top of the Record Form.

R.P. Snaith and A.S. Zigmond

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