I Have Autism

A Child's First Look at Autism

ISBN13 : 978-1586506018

Author(s) : Pat Crissey

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

SKU : 2070BK

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I Have Autism is a children's book to help parents and teachers explain autism to a young child. In this book, the main character, Alex, has autism, and he talks about how autism affects his behaviour and other aspects of his life.

The I Have Autism Resource Guide includes a definition of autism, practical strategies for coping at home and at school, a reference list of books, and suggestions for talking to the child's siblings and peers about autism.

The Resource Guide also contains a reproducible I Have Autism book that the child can personalise. Personalising an I Have Autism book helps the child with autism to understand his world better, to improve his/her social skills, and manage his/her behaviour. The inspiring story of Alex can improve the self-esteem of any child with autism and help explain why he/she is different.

The 5-Book Set with CD-ROM includes:

  • Resource Guide with reproducible, personalised "I Have Autism" book
  • Five "I Have Autism" books to share with teachers, parents, and classmates
  • CD-ROM (that can print the entire Resource Guide)
  • 24 Rinky Links

Just reproduce the materials you need, punch a hole in the corner, and put them on a Rinky Link! There rings are colourful and easy to use.

Pat Crissey