In the Middle

The adolescent brain, behaviour and learning

ISBN13 : 9781742861487

Author(s) : Michael Nagel

Publisher : ACER Press, 2014

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In the Middle: The adolescent brain, behaviour and learning explores neuroscience to help parents, teachers and everyday adults better understand the changes that occur in young people's brains.

In recent times, neuroscience has provided us with exciting insights into how the brain develops and matures. Significantly, some of the latest research suggests that adolescent behaviour is not just about hormones or nurturing, but is also influenced by changes in the brain as it matures and restructures itself.

By understanding the science, educators, health professionals and parents will gain an opportunity to not only contribute positively to adolescent behaviour and learning, but also enhance the day-to-day interactions and relationships that are vital to adolescent wellbeing.

Following on from his work looking at early brain development, Dr Nagel provides a continuing journey into the developing brain and mind during adolescence.

Dr Michael Nagel is an Associate Professor in the School of Science and Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast and is one of Australia's leading experts in child development. His teaching and research interests extend over a number of areas including cognition, behaviour, human development and early learning.